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Restaurant: Chistera & Coquillages

We have recently taste-tested ‘Chistera & Coquillages’, a restaurant located right next to the lively marché des halles in Biarritz. It’s well decorated and inviting inside. I personally loved the poster of Luis Mariano hung up on the wall. It’s a nice nod to the late singer of Basque origin, who acted in popular films like "La belle de Cadix" from 1946.The menu and ambiance is bistro-style and very basque - of course! In fact, the name of the restaurant - ‘Chistera & Coquillages’ - refers to both the shellfish (coquillages) of the basque coast, and the glove (chistera) used in the traditional sport of pelote basque (a basque ball game).

To eat, we chose the ‘Chistera burger’ and an entrecote (sirloin steak).

Both were excellent choices. The meat was cooked perfectly, as ordered, and was very tasty.

We finished our lunch with a traditional ‘café gourmand’: a coffee with 4 small share - of course 😉! It was all delicious, so we recommend you give the restaurant a try - for a basque experience!

Chistera & Coquillage is a 10 mn walk from Les Tourelles, which makes it an ideal choice (out of many, indeed) for a lunch or dinner during your stay with us in Biarritz.

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