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Architecture in Antibes around 1900

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Crédit Agricole building - Antibes

Towards the end of the 19th century, most of Antibes’ ramparts were knocked down. A new era of expansion and construction was beginning. “Place Charles de Gaulle” is certainly the most striking example of the new architecture which developed in the city. Flanked by the majestic “Grand Hôtel” (now mainly occupied by the department store Monoprix) and with a bandstand in its middle (now gone), it was a very fashionable place during the “Belle Epoque.” Then in 1900 “Art Nouveau” appeared in Europe (it was called “Jugenstil” in Germany or “Sezessionstil” in Austria) and left its mark in Antibes with the “Credit Agricole” building on avenue Robert Soleau (see the numerous volutes and ornaments on the above picture).

Grand Hôtel - Antibes

If you stay at our stylish apartment on 5 avenue Robert Soleau, you will be in the heart of 1900’s Antibes, and you will only need a 5-minute walk to get to the Old Town!

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