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Visiting Cannes: Le Musée de la Castre

One of the highlights of Cannes is the Musée de la Castre which is conveniently located a 5 min walk away from the Suquet apartments and a 25 min walk away from the Festival flat.

The museum, which is housed in a medieval castle, is separated into three parts. The first part is composed of a few rooms showcasing a rich collection of ethnographical objects from various civilizations (think ancient Egypt, Tibet and Vanuatu), whilst the second section focuses on 19th century French Riviera landscape art (we loved Louis Pastour’s beautiful paintings of the Suquet neighbourhood) and the last part is in the old chapel where numerous musical instruments from all over the world are on display. All this makes for an interesting visit lasting about 45 minutes. However, in our humble opinion the highlight of the visit is the possibility to climb to the very top of the medieval tower where a breathtaking view of the city awaits!

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