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Marineland Park Antibes

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Marineland - Antibes

This is a place where you are certain to be filled with wonder whenever you go! Firstly, there are three amazing shows with dolphins, sea lions and killer whales. Secondly, the aquarium with the sharks, rays and tropical fishes is sensational. In addition to that, you will observe plenty of beautiful birds, including penguins and flamingoes. Educational activities and animal encounters are also offered during your visit. You will even be able to see a couple of polar bears who have been placed here as part of a European programme to safeguard the species! Marineland is open all year round except for five weeks between mid-January and mid-February; it is easily accessible by car or by bus (route 10 and 23).

Marineland - Antibes


306 avenue Mozart



Photo credits: Andreas Ahrens and E v Schoonhoven

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