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Building the future of Antibes

Marenda Lacan - Antibes

Here is the picturesque Old Town with its 18th century houses and the “new” town with its wide avenues and elegant buildings. In between, the “Marenda-Lacan” district will emerge by 2020. Over two hectares, it will include high-standard housing as well as shops, restaurants, a cinema and a car park. The architecture will be modernistic while taking into consideration the identity of Antibes. Last but not least, the new area will only use 100% renewable energy produced by the heat created by the local sewage treatment plant. Of course, such a major project has been debated, like the destruction of the inner ramparts was at the end of the 19th century. A city must honour its past but it must also take responsibility for the future.

Marenda Lacan - Antibes

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