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Working in Antibes

Sophia Antipolis

When most people think Antibes, they think of holidays, beaches, fun and relaxation. But it’s not only that. Antibes is a working city with plenty of innovative businesses. It has been ranked the best city of 100,000 for running a business, with regard to technology, employment and competitiveness (L’Express L’Entreprise 2016). This is mainly due to the Sophia Antipolis technopole, which comprises 1,400 companies and 35,000 employees. For instance, the pharmaceutical company Galderma (part of Nestlé) has its largest research and development facility in Sophia Antipolis. Toyota as well has established its European Design Development (ED2) centre there.

Business in Antibes

So if you travel to Antibes for work, our perfectly equipped apartment will be ideal for you. You will be close to all the attractions of a seaside city while being a 15min drive to Sophia Antipolis (and don’t worry, if you don’t have a car, there’s also a bus that takes you directly there).

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