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A little bit of Greece in the French Riviera: Villa Kérylos

Missing Greece? Visit Villa Kérylos, a 20th C. re-creation of an ancient Greek villa!

Villa Kérylos is a beautiful residence in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, on the French Riviera, which was built in the early 20th century. It was designed as a modern re-creation of an ancient Greek residence, and is named after the ancient Greek explorer Kérylos. 'Kérylos' also means sea swallow, a poetic bird of mythology, which announced a good omen.

The villa was conceived and built by French archaeologist Théodore Reinach as a place for him to live with his family and work in, as well as a place to host guests and entertain. This combination of private residence and place for entertaining makes Villa Kérylos a unique place to visit.

The villa showcases beautiful architecture and decorations, which are inspired by ancient Greek art and culture. It is open to the public as a museum and is a popular tourist attraction in the area.

And Villa Kérylos is certainly unique! It features many elements that are characteristic of ancient Greek architecture, such as columns, friezes, and pediments. Additionally, the interior of the villa is decorated with frescoes, mosaics, and other decorative elements that are inspired by ancient Greek art.

As explained on the official Villa Kérylos website (which provides all the information you may need before a visit):

'Villa Kérylos is the result of both artistic and intellectual research, because for him (Théodore Reinach), democracy had its roots in Greece and his work sought to perpetuate it. Villa Kérylos thus not only bears testimony to this art of living but is also a tribute to the invention of a civilisation in which mankind is at the centre of the world'.

Spot how the residence also subtly combines ancient luxury with the modern comfort of Belle Epoque villas.

Here's the shower:

And look at those views from the garden:

We highly recommend you visit the villa during your stay! There are several options to travel from Antibes to Villa Kérylos, including by car, bus, or train. By car, you can take the A8 motorway from Antibes and exit at Beaulieu-sur-Mer. The journey by car takes about 50 minutes, depending on traffic. If you prefer taking public transport, you can take the TER (train) from Antibes to Beaulieu-sur-Mer, which also takes about 50 minutes.

Please note that due to major works to bring the villa's electrical network up to standard, Villa Kérylos will close its doors to the public for several months. The entire monument will be closed from January 23 to the end of May 2023.


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