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A day out in St Tropez

If you are visiting us in Antibes and have a car, a day out in St Tropez is always something worth contemplating. The history of the city is ancient. From a small harbour circa 599 BC, it became a larger fortified city in the 15th Century under the rule of Count René I. However, the city only started to become fashionable towards the end of the 19th Century when Guy de Maupassant and Paul Signac decided to moor in the harbour on board of their yacht. St Tropez acquired international fame in the late 50s when it was chosen to shoot movies like “Et Dieu créa la femme” with Brigitte Bardot, “La Piscine” with Alain Delon or “Les Gendarmes” featuring Louis de Funès. The famous “Gendarmerie” is now a museum for the aficionados.

By car, take the A8. St Tropez is 97km away from Antibes and it will take you approximately 1h25mn.

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