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The column of Place Nationale in Antibes

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Column in Place Nationale - Antibes

In the heart of Antibes, adjoining the vibrant rue de la République, is a large square with a marble column in its centre. There are some inscriptions on the monument and one reads: “The column was erected on the 31st of May 1818”. Another one begins with: “ In August and Septembre 1815…” and it tells us about a glorious episode of Antibes’ history. Indeed, the residents of Antibes refused to surrender to Napoleon who was coming back from his exile in Elba. Although their city was bombed and they were defenseless, they remained loyal to Louis XVIII who later declared:” I will never forget the conduct of the city of Antibes.” This phrase has been written on the base of the column as an expression of the courage of the people of Antibes.

Inscription on column - Antibes

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