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A visit to “Fort Carré” in Antibes

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Fort carré - Antibes

“Fort Carré” means squared fort. Indeed, in the 16thcentury, four arrow-shaped bastions were added to the preexisting tower and chapel. One century later, Vauban, who built the fortifications around the city, modified the fort and improved its strength. In 1794 during the French Revolution, Napoleon was imprisoned there for ten days. Finally, during the 19thcentury, “Fort Carré” was widely used as a sentry and defense post against the County of Nice.

Today the impressive star-shaped fortress is open to visitors every day except on Mondays and most public holidays (also closed on Sundays from November to January. The place also offers some stunning 360° views which in themselves are worth the trip!

Fort carré - Antibes

Fort Carré

Avenue du 11 Novembre


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